Share folders with Proself

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【note1】Upload files will be automatically deleted after 21 days.
【note2】The maximum size of a file that can be uploaded is 1 GB.
【note3】Don’t send a large file via the wireless network.

1. Enter your userid and password on the login page.

2. Click the “新規フォルダ作成” link.

3. Enter the folder name and click the “作成” button.

4. Click on the checkbox next to your shared folder and click the “受取フォルダ指定” link.

5. Set the sharing options below and click the “作成” button.

  1. アップロード回数制限(=maximum upload count)
  2. 公開期限(=link expiration date)
  3. 公開パスワード(=password)
  4. アップロードファイル非表示(=hide files in your folder)

(※)The folder can be accessd for maximum 21 days. When you add password protection, only the people who have the password can access the folder.

6. The folder’s URL will appear on the page while you hover your mouse over the folder icon on the right side.

7. Copy the folder’s URL.

8. Send the URL and the password to access the folder via e-mail.

※ Please download files from the folder before the expiration date.